Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to make cannabutter from vaporized weed

In big terms, the recipe is the same as if making weed butter from weed buds, you'll only need to adjust the proportions of the ingredients.  Keep in mind that vaporized weed has under 30 % of the original THC content, so when making weed butter from vaped weed, use about 4 to 6 times more vaped weed than if you would have used raw buds.

You'll need:

-a big saucepan
-a wooden spoon
-1lb (500grams) of salted or unsalted fat butter
-5 ounces(approx 150 grams) of vaporized weed
-plastic lid closed containers

                                                  1. Grind the weed (if not already grinded)

2. Put 4 cups of water into the pan (make sure the weed will float a few inches above the bottom of the pan) and bring to boil.

3. When the water starts boiling, add the butter and stir until it becomes homogeneous, bring down the fire to minimum power making sure to stir continuously so that the butter won't burn.

4. Add the weed into the pan on top of the melted butter. Stir easily until homogeneous and let it simmer until the water on top becomes thick and glossy (this should take about 3 hours at low heat). I always recommend to let the mix stir for as long as possible. If using a double layer Slow cooker pan you could even let it simmer for 20-24 hours (never more than 24 hour, because the THC will loose it's properties and the butter might become bitter)

Once the mix turns thick and glossy, turn off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes. You'll need to strain the weed from the rest of the composition.

5. Put a piece of cheesecloth or a strainer on top of the plastic bowl and carefully poor the composition into the bowl. When done, make sure to squeeze really well the cheesecloth so all the THC will reach into your butter bowl.

6. Now carefully put the lid on the bowl and place it into the freezer for a few hours.(the water will lay on the bottom of the bowl, while the butter should remain on top). Make sure to check if the butter is solid before removing it from the plastic bowl.

                                        This is how it should look like! Enjoy!

            For proper storage keep the butter frozen at all time !

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